The USA’s Online Mind, Body and Spirit Events Wizard

About Us

Merlin's Diary was born out of a need. A need to raise consciousness about the myriad Mind Body Spirit events that take place every day throughout the world. We are a family partnership based in South East England who have been putting on MBS events for several years. Two years ago we created a dedicated space for inspirational events, and in so doing we have seen how difficult it is to circulate event information to a targeted audience; and many of our guests have voiced their frustration that they hadn't heard of us before and had missed key events. Local notice-boards only capture a small part of a potential market, online websites often contain a mass of information which is difficult to search through and e-newsletters are notoriously susceptible to ending up in trash/junk mail boxes! Disseminating and finding the information is clearly difficult for both organizers and audiences alike.

What we wanted was a powerful search tool where we could just punch in a term such as 'happiness' or 'meditation', give our location, and instantly get back relevant events complete with distance from our home. Nothing like it existed on the net. And so, with the technical skills of Nina Richards at Nicedream, we set about creating the site you now find yourself on - Merlin's Diary. We now welcome with open arms our brand new sister site in the United States of America. We hope you enjoy the experience and will help spread the word to your fellow MBS loving friends and family.

Our Values

"We at Merlin's Diary value the free dissemination of global Mind Body Spirit event information. We value all life and seek to create a working environment that honours integrity, compassion, fun, peace, acceptance, trust, patience, inspiration, happiness, honesty, personal responsibility, passion, love, authenticity, freedom and balance, and which celebrates the significance of each one of us on the planet, no matter what our job status or personal standing.

We embrace opportunities to employ new economic models that come from love as opposed to fear. We highly value our connection to both our local community and the wider MBS community both across the UK and across the globe. We seek to provide an online environment which honours personal and community growth and development. We operate an ethical financial approach which is in harmony with our values. We see ourselves as a free and widely accessible channel of constantly changing holistic events information.”