The USA’s Online Mind, Body and Spirit Events Wizard


1) What is Merlin's Diary?
Merlin's Diary is an online events wizard for the USA's Mind Body Spirit events sector.

2) Why Merlin's Diary'?
To help MBS events lovers access the information we need instantly. We called it Merlin's Diary because in the legends Merlin made magic happen - and that's precisely what we want to have happen here.

3) How do I use it to search for a specific type of event?
Type in your zip code and hit search. There, you’re up and running! Alternatively, if you know what you’re looking for, after you’ve done the zip then type your keyword(s) such as 'meditation' or 'happiness' into the quick search bar and hit search. The results will come back instantly. You can also filter results according to categories such as 'talk', 'workshop', 'festival' etc.

4) What are the benefits of registering?
a) It's free so why not?
b) You can submit event listings
c) As a registered user you can bookmark events during your searches and come back at a later time to review them and make your choices
d) You'll be able to receive Merlin Diary's newsletter updates which will keep you up to date with competitions for free tickets, special promotions and exciting new developments.
e) Merlin's wizardry will always start your search with your zipcode already in the search bar, saving you valuable nanoseconds.
f) You'll make an old wizard very, very happy. What more reason could you want?

5) I'm an event organizer - how do I add my event(s)?
To add events you must first register with Merlin's Diary (remember it's free). After you've registered, we'll send you a confirmation email and then you're up and running. Click on the 'My Events' tab and then click on the 'post new event' button. There's a wizard help screen on this page to guide you through the form if you need help.

6) How much does it cost to add an event?
It is free to list events on Merlin's Diary. So get listing and tell your friends too!

7) I want to relist my old event with a new date and venue - but I don't want to fill out all the details again. What do I do?
No worries. Just click on 'My Events' tab and you will see all your past events listed. Choose to edit the one you want to update, change the date and venue settings and click 'Update' at bottom of page.

8) I've just uploaded my event - why isn't it showing up on the listings?
It sometimes takes a little while for us to approve events – each one gets checked manually! There may be a slight delay between submitting a listing and it showing up on the site. This delay should not be more than 24 hours.

9) I’ve made a mistake and got the details wrong in my listing – what do I do?
Simply click the 'My Events' tab, select the relevant event and click edit. You can then change the details of your event.

10) Isn't it in my interests to include as many mind body spirit terms as possible in my event description to get as many hits as possible on my event?
No. Only include the relevant information and describe the event as clearly as possible. Remember that users will be leaving feedback for you and so you want to make sure that your event description closely matches what you are offering to avoid disgruntled clients.

11) Why have a review/feedback system?
Merlin’s Diary aims to disseminate information instantly, easily and effectively. The feedback system is designed to help empower users by displaying third party user feedback regarding the organizers of events and the events themselves.

12) How does the review/feedback system work?
To leave reviews you have to be a registered user. Merlin's Diary ingenious memory remembers the events that you click on. Once that event has taken place, the next time you visit the site, Merlin will ask you whether you want to leave a review - of course no point if you didn't go to the event in question. You can then leave a star rating for the event as well as a written review of your experience. This review will be available for all to see on the event organizer's profile - so all aspects of the event (from content on the night to accuracy of advertised description/ location etc) would be useful to write about.

13) Who do I contact if I want to advertise on Merlin's Diary?
Click on the tab titled 'Advertise' at the very bottom of any page and then follow the instructions to contact us.

14) Can I buy event tickets on Merlin's Diary?
Not yet. Merlin's Diary is the magic portal through which you travel to arrive at the organizer’s domain where you can book your seats. We do intend to introduce a booking facility in the near future.

15) I've got a complaint - who do I contact?
Now we hope you'll never need to ask this question, but if you do...
If it's a complaint about the event itself then please contact the organizer and let them know. You can of course also leave feedback about the organizer and event using our feedback system. As you will see from our Terms and Conditions (please read them now if you haven't yet), Merlin's Diary cannot be held responsible for event organizers submitting incorrect details. If the complaint is about how our website works and what we could do to make it better then please click here to send an email.

16) How do I post an event to Facebook or Twitter?
If you find an event you like, or you're an organizer who has just added events, and you want to let your friends know via twitter or facebook, all you have to do is click the Facebook or Twitter buttons on the event page itself and it will add the events to your social networking pages. You can also ‘like’ the whole site to Facebook, and like individual events.

17) Uploading Images & PDFs.
The max file size is 3MB, and the file needs to be JPG, PNG or Gif.
Image max dimensions: 4000x3000 pixels. PDFs can be up to 10MB.
To avoid connection ‘time-outs’, which result in no image appearing, limit your image file sizes as much as possible.