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Q. What information of mine is collected by Merlin's Diary?
A. For the website and newsletter sign-up (hosted by MailChimp), we collect your first name, last name, and email address, with other optional fields on our website of home address and contact phone number (helpful for event organisers who may wish to be contacted by interested parties)

Q. Who is collecting this information?
A. Merlin’s Diary collects the information.

Q. How is it collected?
A. It is collected by two sign up forms - one at and the other at our mail chimp newsletter sign up. You can view MailChimp's Privacy Policy here.

Q. Why is it being collected?
A. We collect the information to i) facilitate the populating of event organiser fields for easy event listing on and ii) for the Merlin’s Diary newsletter, sent occasionally throughout the year.

Q. How will my information be used?
A. It its only used by Merlin’s Diary for the reasons stated above.

Q. Who will it be shared with?
A. It is not shared with any third parties so there is no other impact on subscribers.

Q. Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
A. No - there should be no reasons for complaints or objections. If anyone has any concerns, we encourage them to contact us via email.